Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cooking Lesson

Cooking lesson

Looking at the picture, who do you think is getting the cooking lesson?

If you said Meg you're right.

Not that Kade was actually teaching Meg but he has more experience in the kitchen then Megan.

Meg wanted a fried egg sandwich for dinner.  I had just finished my scrambled eggs and was sitting down when she announced this.  I told her she could make it herself.  She didn't seem to be thrilled with that but she did attempt it.  She was hesitant to crack the egg so I did it to avoid shell in the hot pan.  I told her when it's done on one side she needed to flip it over and she gave me a questioning look.  I told her what to look for, egg white is white and it's kind of bubbling up.  She still was unsure.  That's when the "chef's apprentice" pulled up a stool and told her he would tell her when it was done.  I had to giggle at that.  He did know when it was done.  Impressive.  Then she attempted to flip the egg over.  Again she was hesitant.  Kade was ready to take over if need be but she managed it.  He stayed the entire time to supervise.  I guess I need to let the girls help me cook as much as I let Kade.  But in my defense he is a lot more willing.

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