Tuesday, March 22, 2011

His First Lesson

Just recently, like the last week or so, Kade has been asking me about taking piano lessons.  I was thrilled.  I won't get my hopes up to high since the girls showed interest and then decided it wasn't for them.  Yesterday he was pestering me about it.  I told him tomorrow.  I did, after all, have to dig to find the girls' beginner books.

After school he brought it up again.  Once his homework was done and his snack mess cleaned up we sat down to the piano.  (We really need a new one.  Or at least one that plays all the important notes, like middle C.  Here's the one I want.)  We opened the book and jumped right in.  Mattey had already been quizzing him on different notes.  Which I found to be rather humorous since she didn't seem to care much about that when she was taking lessons. We counted different notes and checked out the black keys and how they're in a pattern.  Eventually we got to the part where he could play a song.

Musical Hands

He did it!  He was so happy.  Now if we can keep up the enthusiasm and interest we'll be set.  He told me he never wants to quit piano and then adds something about maybe in two years. Ha.  He told me he wants to sign up for piano at school.  I told him they don't offer it until high school, as far as I know.  I suggested that he take piano lessons while he's in elementary school and when he gets to middle school he can learn something else.  He thought that sounded good.  The drums are the next instrument on his list.  Watch out.

In his bedtime prayer Kade, all by himself, expressed gratitude for the piano lesson and asked to be blessed to play well.  How sweet is that?

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Janel said...

He must have a great teacher (and mother) to be so inspired.