Saturday, March 19, 2011

My oh Eye

The weather was again nice today.  Not as nice as the other day when it got past 70, but nice none the less.  The kids played outside.  They met some kids that live around the corner and down the street (or right through our rear neighbors' yard if you want a shortcut).  They played with the new friends.  Then I heard crying.  You know, that usually happens.  It's not always the same kid but I can almost plan on someone getting hurt.

This time it was Mattey.  She somehow got poked in the eye.  I still haven't heard how it happened.  I'm not sure she does either.  But the point is that she got hurt.  She wouldn't let me take a look.  It was too painful.  I figured with all the crying if there was actually something in her eye it would float out on some tears.  She was still crying (hard) about 20 minutes later.  Really?  I told her that I was taking a look.  I really had to insist and she finally let me look.  Don't you just love it when you need to look ,or put drops or contacts, in someone's eye and you can't get them to relax so you can actually open the eye?  It's amazing how strong those eye muscles are.  I finally got her to open up.  The light hurt.  I looked the best I could.  Didn't see anything but tears.

Mickey was out shopping with our doctor friend.  I asked him to bring him in when they came back so he could take a look at Mat's eye.  He did.  He didn't see anything either.  He suggested putting ice on it for a while and keeping it closed.  And if it still hurt after an hour or so to maybe put some gaze over it to help keep it closed longer so it can heal.  We did the ice.  There was still pain.  I got out the last piece of gaze, a cotton ball to go against the eye, and some medical tape and played nurse.  I can't believe she actually let me take a picture while the patch was on.

My oh eye

Doesn't she look miserable?  She still was when she went to bed.  I really hope a good night sleep and lots of time with her lid closed will help the healing process move along.  I suppose if it's still hurting tomorrow I will find out if our eye doctor has Sunday hours.  I really hope I don't have to.

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