Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Six Year Old

He's been waiting for a year to turn six.  The day is finally here.  Thankfully he thought it was a good birthday even though we were crazy busy and had to cram his celebration in between homework and church activities.

The day started out with me waking him up with a round of Happy Birthday.  Then I let him open one present.  It was a little something I whipped up.  A blue shirt (from Target) with an orange number 6 painted on it.  He loved it.  He even chose to wear that over the ND basketball jersey he had planned to wear.  I took a birthday snack to his class this afternoon.  Later Mickey picked him and Mattey up from school.  We got the homework done right away so we could grab an early dinner before the girls needed to be at church.  Then the three of us went to Strikes & Spares to do some go-karting.  I took pictures.  Then the boys played air hockey.  This picture was taken right before Kade beat Mickey 7-6.

Six year old

He looks so grown up already.  What happened to my baby?

We are so thankful to have Kade in our family.  He is a great helper.  He can play well with both or either sister.  He loves to learn and loves math.  He has a great sense of humor, always making us laugh.  We love you, Kade.  Happy Birthday!

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