Friday, March 11, 2011

Turning SIX

This month is Kade's birthday.  I have told him numerous times that he will NOT EVER turn six.  He is to stay five FOREVER.  He will not agree to that.  So I have to give up my wish of him staying little and let him age.  So on his birthday he will be 5 (and 12 months).  Ha, I win.

I took this picture of him today.

I'm six

It looks a little boring.  But Mickey showed me how to do a few things in Photoshop and I've turned this picture into his party invitation.  I'd show you the finished product but I don't want any party crashers.

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kellymear said...

SIX?! I remember Mickey calling us from the hospital to tell us he was here and all was well. Can't believe that was (almost) 6 years ago already! But it makes sense, since Ella will be 7. Dang! Cute, cute Kade! I hope you post whatever cool thing your did for the invite- even if its after the fact. And I wish we could crash the party!! :)I think my boys would love playing with Kade. . . . someday, someday.