Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bloody Noses

Some of us are cursed with frequent bloody noses.  I seem to have out grown mine but I still get one on occasional.  Kade is the most severely inflicted.  I'd guess he gets about 2-3 a week, and that's a slow week.  They don't usually last long, like some of my childhood ones, but they are still annoying.  Last year I came up with a great solution for getting them to stop.  Or at least hands free treatment.

Bloody Nose

It doesn't look very pretty but it works.  I totally need to find a way to make, package, and sell these.  I could make a fortune.  I should probably figure out a way to keep them handy at home instead of being hollered at (in his most nasally voice) that Kade needs a roll.

Soon after the picture was taken he sat down to eat.  First I had to cut the "rolls" so he could get to his mouth.  Then he had to eat very slowly, with his mouth open of course, because he had to breathe.  Then he would talk to me with that nasally voice and food in his mouth.  It was hilarious, as long as you didn't look at his mouth.

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