Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcakes & Birthdays

Cupcakes have become all the rage lately.  I have always liked cupcakes.  How can you not love a little tasty cake you can hold with two fingers?

The last few days I have made a lot of cupcakes.  Saturday I started these but ended the day with a migraine so I finished them on Sunday.  We had the church youth and their leaders over Sunday evening and I had many taste testers.  The over all vote was good.  I enjoyed them also but the flavor was a little too subtle for me.  Next time I'll use more lemon juice in the cake (Yes, I altered the recipe a little by substituting the juice of one lemon for some of the water.  Some one please tell me, what are you supposed to do with a lemon after you've removed the zest?) and more concentrate in the frosting.  They were light and fruity.  That's a big plus in my book.  I'm thinking of making them again for Easter dinner.  But I'm still looking around.

Today I made two batches of Banana cupcakes (I baked them for about 15-18 minutes, in case you're wondering.) for a birthday surprise for Kade's teacher, Miss K.  She was pleasantly surprised and the cupcakes were a hit, of course.  All the students made a frosting mustache in the eating process.  It got a little loud as they vied for my attention showing off their 'stache but it was a party after all.

Kade wanted to take his iPod to school so he could get a video of his teacher when I came in with the cupcakes.  Since iPods aren't allowed in school this'll have to suffice.

Miss K

Happy Birthday to Miss K!  She is definitely one of our favorite teachers.  (She's also a blog reader!)

Today is also our nephew's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Jr.!

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