Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eve

We had dinner with my family tonight.  It just worked better to have it tonight than tomorrow, what with late church and it being a school night.

There was a lot of yummy food and a lot of people.  While the eggs were hidden for the hunt I kept the little people busy with a craft/food project.  Nested Peeps. The lit' peeps did a good job.  They turned out really cute.

Lil' Peeps' Nests

Then the kids were let loose in the back yard.  It was a wild and crazy hunt.  Pictures were almost impossible since no one was still for more than a second.

My mom requested a family photo.  Luckily some clouds decided to cover the sun for a while and we had great light.  Here we all are.

Ault Family

Now the kidlings are all tucked in bed awaiting the Easter Bunny.  I hope he brings some candy I like.  Well, maybe not.

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