Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference

President Monson

Today, and yesterday, we watched/listened to General Conference.  If you'd like to watch conference click here.  I do like conference.  Listening to all the leaders of the church, but this time I got a little tired of watching tv.  That's saying something.  I used to watch a lot of tv and now I can't take more than a few (meaning 2-3) hours a day, unless I'm sick.

There were some good talks in all the sessions.  The topics that really spoke to me were temples, marriage, family/parenting, adversity, and the atonement.  I can't say that I had a favorite talk because there was too much to take in.  I'll have to watch/listen/read them again later.  But my favorite moment was yesterday.  Megan had practice in the early afternoon.  Mickey took her and stayed.  He listened to conference in the car.  I listened to conference while I cut out quilt pieces.  During Quentin L. Cook's talk about women being incredible I got an e-mail from Mickey.  It said "You...are incredible."  What a great husband I have.

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