Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heading to Bloomington

Friday Mickey took the day off and we picked Meg up from school at noon to began our drive to Bloomington.  IU to be precise.  No, we weren't looking at colleges already.  She's only in 6th grade.  We went to IU to attend the SNC 15th anniversary concert.

SNC 15th anniversary show

The show was mainly the college group but the "pros" showed up and performed a few songs.  At one point they had all the alum in the auditorium get up on stage.  During the 15 years the group has been going there have been 65 members.  Out of the 65 there were only 4 (I think) that couldn't make it.  They all sang a song together, can't remember the title, but it had something to do with Indiana.  2.5 hours and two cds purchases later we left the IU campus to go sleep at our hotel.  We were tired.

The reds stayed with Tia and Grandma while we were gone.  Thanks so much.

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