Friday, April 1, 2011

The Party was a Bust

Kade's friend party was scheduled for today.  One of the two friends invited was leaving for vacation today so he came on Sunday for the family party.  The party then got down graded to a glorified play date.  The father of the other boy invited said he would be here.  I got a few things at the store to help with the party vibe.  Then 4:00 came and we waited and waited and.....waited some more.  At 4:45 we figured he wasn't coming so we changed our plans.  Mickey and Kade played a Clone Wars Lego game.  That helped him take his mind off the failure that was his party.

I then served the kids pizza before we went over to the Chili Cook Off at church.  (I was so brilliant.  I scheduled the party on the same day as the cook off.)  It seemed that my chili went over well, there was only about 1 cup left, but it didn't win any awards.  I was just happy that I had something to eat that I knew was good.  When we got home I pulled out the Oreo cake I bought for the party and we sang to Kade one more time.  I decided I may as well give him his goodie bag.  The girls got some leftover candy and a punching balloon.  They seemed to like them a little.

Punching Balloons

(On the right side of the picture is the green I used in the family room to break up all the blue.  It turned out pretty well.)

I feel bad for Kade.  First his family party had low attendance and then his friend party was a bust.  He is a very lovable kid.  I don't know why this has happened.  He'll probably get over it faster than I will.  Next time we'll have to invite more reliable people and maybe give a month's notice.

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