Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Not Broken

...just a little damaged.

Not Broken

I walked into Kade's class today and the teacher said Kade told her I was broken.  He also told everyone else because a lot of kids asked me about my broken hand/wrist/arm.  I had to deny that I had anything broken.  I showed them my hurt wrist, which was not wrapped at the time.  One boy even asked to see the blood.  There was no blood, gash, scrape, or bruise.  He was rather disappointed.

The story of how I was injured is not very interesting.  In fact, tonight I was told I needed to embellish it a bit.  (Thanks, Michelle.)  I'm not good at embellishing unless I'm using fabric, paint, or paper.  So here's the boring story:  Yesterday afternoon I got some groceries.  When I came home I lifted a very heavy (there's my embellishing) bag out of the van and I rolled my wrist.  I felt a bunch of stuff move that's not supposed to move.  Instant pain.  I wrapped it because I had a lot to do still, i.e. make dinner for a friend and re-tie the baby quilt that was to be delivered with the dinner.  Lots to do.  I got through it trying not to use my wrist, but some of the finger movements hurt.  By the time I was done with everything it was too late to go to the doctor's.  I should have taken a Xanax though.

This morning I woke up and it still hurt.  There was also pain radiating up and down from my wrist.  I called and got an appt.  By the appt. it was feeling a little better.  Turns out it's just sprained/strained.  That's a relief.  I'm supposed to rest it (like that's really possible), wrap it, ice it, and/or heat it.  I should be better soon but if anyone wants to bring me dinner I won't turn it away.

P.S.  The fabric in the background is the backing to my quilt.  I can't wait until my wrist is better so I can piece it.

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