Monday, May 30, 2011

Let Summer Begin

This morning we went to the Edwardsburg Memorial Day Parade, as is our tradition.  We got there at 9:36.  We made good time.  Too bad the parade didn't start until 11.  Instead of wasting gas and going back home we let the kids play on the playground outside the school.  Then we went to McDonald's for a light breakfast, since we had all eaten before leaving anyway.  We still ended up with a decent spot, although we baked in the hot sun.

The kids couldn't sit still while the parade was going.  I can't blame them since people were throwing/handing candy, stickers, flags, and beads to them.  At times there wasn't enough to go around so we'd see this.

Competing for Candy

There must have been something to the right that drew Kade's attention.  They all walked away with a fair amount of candy so no one can complain.

After the parade we went to lunch with Mickey's family.  Can you guess where we went?  If you guessed McDonald's you're right.  We almost never go to that place twice a month but to be subjected to it twice in one day....that's just asking too much.

Since it was so hot we decided to visit the pool.  It was PACKED.  We found some friends and enjoyed their company since we couldn't really enjoy the frigid temperature of the water.  Somehow the kids didn't mind as much.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are always moving.

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