Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all our women readers.

Today I'd like to honor both of our mothers.  They have both sacrificed things for their family.  They are always willing to help.  One has battled cancer.  Both have and are still caring for elderly parents.  One will help her husband recover from a stroke.  Life is full of challenges (I've only listed a few) and these women always seem to be able to endure whatever comes their way.

We love you mom.

On a lighter note...Saturday the kids dragged Mickey out the door to go shopping for me.  (Really it was the other way around but in my fantasy it was this way.)  They were all excited when they came back.  I tried not to ask any questions because I rarely get a surprise and I didn't want the kids to let it slip.  I was told I couldn't drive the van until today.  Must be big.  This morning Mickey had to step out and remove the secret gift.  When I left for church I saw a big box (mostly) covered with a blanket.  I had to laugh.

Later there was a big reveal.

The Reveal

A fountain...Just what I always wanted.

A Fountain

Mickey & Kade put it together for me.  Then all the kids had to take a drink after it was running.


Thanks, guys, for the lovely fountain.

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