Sunday, May 22, 2011


Last year there was a bird nest in the dogwood tree right off the deck.  We never saw a bird in it.  It survived the winter and most of the spring until a greedy little red squirrel started hiding pieces of food (meant for the ducks) in the nest.  There were several storms during April and the nest fell apart.  Yesterday I saw a robin staking claim to the nesting spot.  What she started with looked like a mess.  I saw her this morning hard at work at her nest.  She must not rest on the Sabbath.


After a few more hours it no longer looks like a mess but a real nest where baby birds could live.  (picture was taken in the morning, still messy looking)

Isn't she a little late in her nest building?  It's close to June already.  I hope she has babies and we get to see them.  I'm sure we'll hear them once they hatch.

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