Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Peaceful Lunch

After spending some time with the kindergarteners this morning I came home and didn't want to do any work.  I called Mickey to see if he had any plans for lunch.  He didn't.  I got some lunch and drove over to work.  We walked across the river and had lunch in the park.  Besides the four lawnmowers speeding past it was a rather peaceful lunch.  After we ate we took a little walk along the beautiful (read:  stinky) river.  Even though we were downtown it didn't seem like it.

Peaceful Lunch

This evening I took Mattey to the middle school for her to try out some instruments before deciding which one she wants to learn.  (She did not want to learn a string.  So sad.)  The trombone and baritone were very tempting.  She could get a nice sound with the clarinet too but she settled on the flute.  At least the flute will sound lovely with a violin and piano.


Janel said...

Flute?!? Hooray! Think how easy that case will be to carry for Mattey's skinny little body!

Kelly said...

Figured you'd be happy about her playing flute.

I was a little worried about her hauling a baritone or trombone case around. She is strong but still.