Friday, May 13, 2011

The Saver

We are so proud of Megan.  She has been saving her money, with a goal, since September.  She has had several occasions to spend her spending money but stuck with it.  Today she has reached her goal.  Wonder what she was saving for?  An iPod touch.  She was so excited.  She had Mickey count out her money to double check.  Yep, she had enough.  She thought she'd have to wait for it to be delivered but Mickey ordered it a few months ago when she was getting close.  He pulled it out and surprised her.  She was ecstatic!  Then there was all kinds of talk about "I want ______ app." "I want _____ ibook." and "how do I do _____?".

I took pictures but they didn't turn out.  We'll have to relive the moment and I'll try again.

iPod Touch

Finally remembered to take a picture, 6/24/11.

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[...] Kade has the upper hand for a moment but he was on the bottom within a few minutes of the photo being taken.  Meg was on the couch getting video footage with her iPod. [...]