Wednesday, May 11, 2011

St. Joe, MI

At the end of the school year the kindergarteners go on an all day field trip.  This is the one Mickey usually gets roped talked into going on.  Thanks, Babe.  The buses drove the 4 classes to St. Joe, MI.  You might wonder what's there that could occupy all those 5-6 years old for so long.  Well, they have the Curious Kids Museum as well as the new Discovery Zone.  Inside the Discovery Zone there is a carrousel.

Silver Beach Carrousel

Of course Kade picked the one with a lance on it.  Such a boy.

The kids got to ride it twice.  Mickey said it was beautiful.  Now I'm sad I didn't go.  I love carrousels.  Maybe we'll have to take a family field trip.

I can't give many details since I didn't go but my favorite part of the day was getting a text from Mickey telling me which kids he was grouped with and asking if he needed to know anything about them.  He did just fine and made a new friend as well.

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