Saturday, June 25, 2011

Almost Famous

Earlier this month Mickey got a phone call from a local reporter doing a story on our friend Manti.  He wanted to interview Mickey for the article.  Mickey agreed.

The interview was done over the phone.

Phone Interview

The reporter, Eric Hansen, said he would send Mickey a copy of the magazine when it was printed.  It came in the mail today!  Mickey ripped open the envelope to check out the magazine.  Later he found some time to relax (a little) to actually read the article.

Sports Article

The part of the article regarding Mickey talks about how Mickey met Manti at church, how he treated him as a person and not a star football player, how he cheers for Manti on Saturdays in the fall, and how Manti and his friends come over for Family Home Evening.  If you want to order your own copy here is where you order it.

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michellekarren said...

Oh that definitely counts as famous! I am dying to get Mickey's autograph when I see him next.