Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baby Shower

We had another baby shower at our house today.  I must say our house is a good party place.  This shower was for my sister-in-law.  She and my brother are having their first baby next month.  It's a boy.

This sister-in-law really likes my sewing so I just had to make her something.  I decided on a diaper bag, a changing pad, and a nursing cover.  Somehow I didn't have enough time and I only got the diaper bag done.  Three bags in three weeks is a lot for me along with the craziness of normal life.  I gave her an IOU for the other two things.  They won't take too long and I should have them to her before the baby comes.  She was understanding.

Here's L. opening her gift.


She loved it, of course.

Here's a close up of it.

LeighAnne's Diaper Bag

While the shower was going Meg and Kade both had a game at two different parks.  That meant Mickey was running around a bit.  His parents attended Meg's game and then they all had a late lunch together.  Mat stayed for the shower and got to be chatty with everyone and pass the gifts to her aunt.

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Janel said...

That is the classiest diaper bag I have EVER seen! Wow!