Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bike Riding

Today's weather was so lovely we just had to go out and ride our bikes.  Kade was a little hesitant to ride his because it's been several months since he rode without his training wheels.  After a little coaxing and coaching from dad he was off on his own.  Now his training can begin so he and I can ride bikes to school next year.

Bike riding

Mattey was not so willing.  She took lots and lots of coaxing to get on her bike but she did it.  And she never fell which is encouraging.  Maybe she won't need much of a pep talk next time.

Meg, of course, has been riding her bike fantastically for several years now.  She's probably thinking it's about time the reds catch up with her.  Maybe some family bikes rides are in our future this summer.

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