Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guest Photographer

I call the picture for today "Back Seat Driver".

Back Seat Driver

Actually the story behind the picture is quite humorous.  It involves Kade, so of course it is.

I had packed the camera to take pictures of Meg and Mickey playing volleyball at church before I had to pick up Mattey from Activity Days.  Kade wanted to take some pictures too so he brought along one of our old point and shoots.  On the way to church Kade says I'll take a picture of you driving and then you can put it on the blog and people will wonder how you took it of yourself.  I had to laugh at his sneaky thinking.  He took a few pictures of me driving and then a dozen of random things on the way.  While at church he and I both took pictures of the volleyball game.  Mine did not turn out.  His were a little better than mine.  So I ended up using his potd idea after all.

Anyone know what intersection we're coming up on?


amandas said...

Grape and McKinley! I actually started trying to figure that out before I saw that you asked! ha

Kelly said...


jclambourne said...

Is it Grape and Cleveland?

Kelly said...

Close. Since it's been almost a week I'll say where it is. Gumwood and Cleveland.