Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Return normal life.

We drove home and deposited the dirty laundry in the washer.  (I love getting it out of the way as soon as we walk in the door.  One less mess, I guess?)  We planned on picking up the kids right away but Mickey's parents weren't expecting us yet so we killed time by eating a snack/lunch and reading and playing video games.

When we got to Mickey's parents' house the kids weren't ready to leave, of course.  We stayed and chatted for a while.  The kids worked on decorating a box they turned into a car, with the help of Grandpa.

We got the kids packed up and left with a promise of a gift for each upon our return home.  When shown the gift they were not too pleased.  I don't know what they were expecting but it wasn't a yummy treat from Sweden.  But after dinner they all ate part of it and seemed to be happy about it.  (The chocolate was really good.  I'm going to have to add that to my list every time I go to IKEA.)

Swedish Chocolate

We also had a family ping pong tournament.  The tournament is still continuing, according to Megan, so I can't say who won.  But I'll let you guess the ultimate winner.

A BIG thank you to our parents for managing the 3 wild children.

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