Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quality Mitchell Time

Mickey and I decided to drive to Chicago after church to visit my friend Kate.  It's her birthday.  She had surgery and was still in the hospital.  I felt the need to surprise her with a visit.  Surprise her we did.  I wish I would have had a video camera, or our point and shoot (can you believe I forgot it?), with us to record the scream of surprise.  It was priceless.

While we were visiting with Kate and her family the kids stayed home and played with Mitchell and Tia.  I'm sure he was smothered adored by the kids.  When we came home he seemed pretty happy with all the attention, even when it was past his bed time.  Our kids can't seem to get enough of him.

Mitchell Time

Kade had just been injured so he wasn't up to posing for the picture.

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amandas said...

He was zonked out only 5 or so minutes into the ride home. Thanks for having Mitchell and I over! We had fun!