Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Relay for Life

Mattey was on student council this year.  For an end of the year activity they planned to have a mini Relay for Life.  At different times throughout the morning all the school participated.  This is a great way to bring the school together to support fighting cancer.  Too bad the temperature was supposed to get up in the mid 90s today.  Yuck.

Kade's class walked at 9:30 but I was going to be hanging with his class for field day later so I didn't go.  I did walk walk with Mat and her class at 11:30.  It was hot and dusty since we walked laps on the ball diamond.  After every lap each child, and some parents, got a bead to go on a bracelet.  Luckily when the 4th graders were done they could go in, clean up a little, and enjoy lunch.

Here's Mattey finishing a lap and had just strung her bead.

Relay for Life

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