Thursday, June 16, 2011


..for Father's Day.

I bravely took the kids out this afternoon to let them pick out something for Mickey.  I told them to find something they'd like to get and show me.  Luckily I took the camera.

Here's their choices.  (shirt and hat)

Mattey's Choice Kade's Choice Meg's Choice

I think what they picked is fun and hip and Mickey will look so handsome in their choices.  Something tells me he won't think they're all that great.  Good thing we didn't buy them.

The kids also wanted to get Mickey a cotton candy maker, a large snow cone maker (on wheels), a watch, and several colorful dress shirts and ties.  I think what we decided on will be good.  Now we just have to keep the secret until Sunday.

If you had to pick one of the choices which one would you choose?


DadS said...

NICE ! Hummm ... that's a hard choice. They all picked good combos. I think the hat that Mattey picked would look good on Mickey, so I guess it would be her combo I would choose.

Janel said...

I think they are sending subliminal, maybe they think Mickey should get a family pack of tickets to Hawaii for father's day?