Monday, June 20, 2011


I have added another chore to the chore chart, shopping buddy.  Kade did this chore today.  Before we left for the store, and while I was doing dishes, I had Kade write up our shopping list.

Shopping List

He knows what letters make what sounds so I helped him sound out the words while he wrote.  While doing this I started thinking how weird the English language really is.  I am a phonetic speller, always have been.  This means that I had to learn that everything is not spelled the way it sounds.  (There are still words that throw me off.)  Why can't it be that way?  It would make things a lot easier.  I had to point this out to Kade while he made the list.

Some of my/our concerns are:  Why does shells need to have two Ls or berry need two Rs when one would suffice?  Why does cheese need three Es when two would make the long E sound?  And why do some words have a silent E to make the long vowel sound and others have another "silent" letter right after it?  I tell you, it's confusing.

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suzannekobb said...

That list is awesome! Way to go Miss Kobb for teaching Kade so well. :)