Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This evening Kade walked outside to play some football.  Mickey was to follow a few minutes later.  I saw Kade on the deck.  I saw Kade on the grass.  Soon after I turned my head I heard him screaming bloody murder.  He finally made it up the stairs and Mickey met him on the deck.  He pulled him inside and Kade was still screaming.  We could barely understand what he was saying.  The word "stung" was the most clear and he pointed to his leg.  Then he was swatting at his head with a hand and we got "there's a spider on me!".  After reassuring him there was nothing on his head he calmed down a little and we looked at his leg.  It was already swelling.  Then we took at look at his head.  There was a sting site behind his right ear but not much swelling.

I got an ice pack while Mickey took him to the couch to lay down.  Then I went to find some Benadryl, just in case.  We only had capsules.  Kade said he couldn't swallow it so I asked him what he wanted me to mix the medicine up with so he could have some.  He picked chocolate ice cream.  He ate it without any problems.  Kade was still pretty worked up and in pain.  Mickey gave him a priesthood blessing.

I went outside after Kade was settled with a can of Raid to avenge my baby but I couldn't find anything that needed to be killed.

Later the swelling had gone down and Kade was feeling better but the sting site on his leg was still looking puffy.  I made him a paste of baking soda and water and applied it to his stings.  (While doing this I had a memory come to mind when one of us kids got stung at my grandma's house.  She made the paste and put a piece of bread over it and tied it on with a towel.  Looking at the mess dripping on the chair I now know why she put the bread over it.)


It really helped to draw out the venom in his leg.

This is what I think stung him.  If so, I don't know if I really want to be spending much time on the deck until winter.  The kids are already freaked out and say they won't go out back to play.  What a shame.

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Jilsyt said...

FYI, when I was stung by those awhile back, our family doctor told me to make sure all my tetanus shots were up to date, as hornets and wasps don't buzz around on flowers like bees, they enjoy wood, paper, trash and the like, which can carry the lock-jaw (virus? bacteria?). He just needs to have had a tetanus shot in the past 5 years to be OK.