Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank You

School is out.  Summer has begun.

I know most of the kids' teachers don't read our blog (a few do), but I just wanted to put a big gratitude vibe out to all the teachers that have taught our kids this year.  We had some pretty good teachers.  I got to help two fabulous ones.  One of those teachers wanted to express her gratitude and all the students joined in.  Here's my card and lovely note paper with a matching pen.  Love it.

Thank You

I have to share the little purse I whipped up for Kade's teacher.  She loved it.

Miss K's Hobo

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Janel said...

Wow. I sure use the verb "to whip up" differently than you. I whip up toast and my credit card at a grocery store. And you whip up that little gem. Lucky duck teacher.