Monday, June 27, 2011

Turtle Races

In the last week of school Kade's class had turtle races.  Kade came home the big winner of four races.  Miss K. dubbed him the King of Turtle Races.  He told us the reason he won, and it's a brilliant reason if I can brag, was because his turtle was the only one with a neck.  See brilliant.

I thought this would make an excellent activity for Family Home Evening.  Dinner wasn't quite ready when our friends arrived so we set them down along with the rest of the family and Kade explained how to make a turtle.  *I'll have to ask him to tell me and I'll put it here later.  He's now zonked out.*

So we had a race.  I didn't get to make a turtle because finishing dinner was hands on so Kade kindly let me use "King Kaden", his winning turtle, in the race.  We had two races.  I won the first.  Mickey won the second.  He and I faced off with our quick turtles and he won by a...are you waiting for me to say neck?  He won by a hair, I tell you.  I want a rematch.

We took some videos but I'm no good at putting them on the blog so I'll have to wait until my tech guy has some time to help me.  For now you'll have to be satisfied with a picture of the turtles.

Turtle Races

King Kaden is the one with red hair and a multi green shell.

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