Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th

Happy 4th of July!

It seems like we've been on the go all day.

This morning Mickey started his day with a 9 mile bike ride.  I started mine with an hour of Zumba.  The kids all watched too much tv.  At 10:00 Meg had practice.  Mickey took her and decided to stay.  He was glad he did.  Meg was having a little problem breathing.  He's thinking it's asthma.  She'll go to the doctor tomorrow.

While they were gone I got a call from Mickey.  A friend of ours needed help from me with a project for his design class.  Could he come over soon?  Sure, why not.  Before we got down to work I had to start a batch of bar cookies for the family get together tonight.

The project instructions were to make something that showed who you are.  I made sure that our friend was included as much as possible, since it was his project.  He did lots of cutting and most of the ironing.  He wasn't so sure about using the sewing machine so I didn't push it.  But he did stick around and watch while I sewed.  Wondering what we made?  We started with 9 practice shirts and ended up with one quilt top.  Mickey thought this should be the potd so I'll include it along with the others I liked.

Notre Dame Quilt

When the project was done I had more work to do.  Meaning more cookies to bake, a macaroni and cheese to make, and fruit to cut up.  Luckily Mickey is great and pitched in by doing the laundry, running to the store for a few things, and then cutting up fruit.  Now that should have been the potd.  When we were cutting fruit all five of us were in the kitchen working together.  Meg layering the fruit into the bowl, Mattey helping me make watermelon balls, Mickey cutting strawberries, and Kade, after shredding months worth of receipts and junk mail, helped out wherever he could find an opening.  I can't say that's ever happened before, except maybe when we were making pizza.  It was quite a miracle.

We went to Jan and Doc's for dinner, to play in/on the lake, and watch fireworks.  Here's a few more photos of the fun.

Boating Kayaking Fishing Fireworks

We got home very late and were ready to crash.  Some little people had a hard time falling asleep with all the booming still going on.  Thank goodness that's not every night.

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