Saturday, July 16, 2011


The kids got their allowance today.  Kade had a wad of money burning a hole in his pocket.  He and Mickey both needed haircuts so they decided to go get that done and then do some shopping.  The girls tagged along.

They went to Sport Clips for the haircut.  Both boys got the deluxe treatment since it was their first time there.  They got a shampoo, haircut, hot towel, and a massage.  Nice.

Then they went to ToysRUs, per Kade's request.  I don't know how much stuff they looked at but after a demonstration and trying it out himself Kade had to buy BeyBlades.  The tops were on sale and he was given a coupon for $2 off so he bought an arena too.

When they came home Kade tore into his stuff, leaving trash all over the family room, and started playing with his new toys.


He was very nice and let everyone have a turn battling him.


Mickey Standiford said...

I highly recommend Sports Clips and the Varsity treatment. It was a fun experience. I will second that high recommendation when it comes to BeyBlades. They are a lot of fun!

DadS said...

The hot towel on his face and the massage was all Kade could talk about in church yesterday. He thought that was the BEST ! Guess I'm going to have to check out Sport Clips.