Wednesday, July 20, 2011


At Camp

This is not how we found Meg when we rolled into camp this afternoon.

Tonight was Bishop's night at camp.  Our bishop was out of town so the duty fell to Mickey.  Wives were invited too so I tagged along, grumpily happily.

When we arrived at camp we saw a group of girls and Mickey spotted Meg.  We parked the car and walked over to her.  When she saw us she ran (almost) to Mickey, threw her arms around him, and started crying.  It appeared she wasn't having fun.  She told us her complaints:  lots of mosquito bites, scratches all over from the slip 'n slide (tarp), not sleeping well, and it was just too hot.  (I would have thrown in the lack of running water and privacy while using the bathroom.)  We tried to help her with her complaints, bug bite cream & band-aids.  After a while she calmed down.  Then we went to the mess hall, the only place with air conditioning.

We were shooed out of there along with all the other girls.  We were too early for dinner.  So the girls started singing all kinds of camp songs that we'd never heard before.  You can really tell that singing is a big part of girls camp.

It was finally dinner time.  We got to cool off a little while we ate.  Meg came over to sit with us (that's when the picture was taken).  She was a lot happier then.  After dinner we were invited to the talent show.  The girls really do have some entertaining talents.  (I just wish it wouldn't have lasted for an hour and a half.)  Meg showed off her balloon twisting talent.  Then it was time for snacks back at the mess hall.  While there Meg told us she didn't want to stay.  Many people tried to talk her into staying but she held firm.  I don't really blame her but if we hadn't gone then I'm sure she would have lasted the rest of the week.

So that meant we had to collect her things.  For some reason none of the girls had flashlights with them.  Don't they think ahead?  Guess not.  Finally one person shows up with a light so we can stumble in the dark to Meg's campsite.  There were more good-byes said and then we left.

So this kind of ruined my surprise.  I have to wait for the paint to cure so I can put tape on it so I might not have finished anyway.  I'm sure I'll finish next week.  By the way, Meg did like what I've done so far.

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