Friday, July 29, 2011

Hauling Brush

Several weeks ago I got a little frustrated with the amount of mulberry trees growing in a garden area in the back.  I started out spraying them with some weed killer, hoping it would kill them and then I could easily take them out.  But then I saw how many big ones there were so I got the pruners and started cutting them down.  (I sprayed their stumps hoping to kill the roots.)  Next thing I know I have a huge pile of cut down baby trees.  Then Mickey came over and started hacking at the pine trees, neither of us really like them.  I noticed that he was getting carried away after I saw the enormous hole he made in the tree and had to put a stop to the hacking.  I told him that he was no longer allowed to use the pruners unless I was there to observe his cutting.

We didn't really have a great place to put the brush but managed to put it behind the house, hoping to kill some weeds that were growing there.  (Yes, we need a gardener or very low maintenance landscaping.)

Then last week Mickey was threatening to get the pruners out again.  I decided I'd better get them before he did.  So while he was mowing I trimmed the low branches that were bothering him.  We ended up trimming four trees, a lot from two.  This left us with even more brush.  Luckily the branches and trees from the first cutting died and decreased in height or otherwise we would have had one tall pile of brush.

Now we needed to figure out a way to get rid of it.  We knew we could dump it at his grandpa's but getting there was the problem.  We know people with trailers but things didn't work out so I suggested using the van.  Mickey and Meg worked hard getting all the brush put in the back of the van.

Hauling Brush

It was a hot, dirty job.  Normally I would have been right there helping but a sneeze took out my back (yes, I said a sneeze) so I couldn't do much but lay around since I couldn't even stand up straight.  Meg took the picture.  Maybe one day she'll do some blogging too.

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