Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Hot Game

Tonight we went to Meg's first all-star game, for this season that is.  It was HOT.  And we were in the bleachers/dugout facing the sun.  The reds found ways to keep cool.

Found Shade

Mattey sat in the shade under the bleachers.

Finding Relief

Kade laid under an umbrella.

The rest of us (Mickey, my parents and I) suffered in the heat.  And Meg's team suffered too because they ran out of steam in the 5th inning and therefore lost the game.  Meg played very well though so we can't be too upset by the loss.

Playing the Field

Meg plays very well in right field.  Besides backing up all the plays to first and defending her territory she is also the "coach" on the field.  She's pretty much the only one talking throughout the game, saying where the next play should go, how many outs there are, etc.

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amandas said...

Wow, way to go, Megan as the field coach! Cute pictures!