Thursday, July 7, 2011

Keeping Score

We all went to another of Meg's games tonight.  The reds and I got there early enough to hear the introductions of each team.  Mickey was announced as one of the coaches.  I don't know how much he physically coaches them, but vocally, I don't doubt.

Last night's game was great.  (The reds and I didn't go.  I refuse to use a port-a-potty when real bathrooms are on site but locked.  And I'm sure I would have had to go too.)   Meg's team won 24-4 which was way better than the score the night before, 14-2.  They had 2.  I was bummed I didn't go but what can you do?  I noticed last night that Mickey's voice was rather horse and scratchy.  He must have done a lot of coaching from the side lines.  (He's not actually allowed in the dugouts because he's the fourth coach and the rules say only three coaches are allowed in the dugout.  Isn't that nice?)

Well, tonight I got to sit right behind him as he coached.  As the game went on his voice was getting more and more strained and scratchy.  At one point I was tempted to tell him to tell me what to yell just so it could get said loud enough for more than the people around him to hear.  He made it through the game, barely.

Besides all the verbal coaching he does, his biggest responsibility is to keep the book.  You can't just let anyone do that.  It takes a very smart and observant person to do that.

Keeping Score

Way to go, Coach!

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kellymear said...

I love keeping score. When we were first married we bought a scorebook that we take with us to every game we go to so I can keep score. . . and it's kinda like a journal too. Now we can look back and see all the games we've been to over the years- mostly pro and some college ones too. I absolutely love it. And I look forward to being a score keeper for my own kids one day! Seriously, I would love that. You know, I just love everything related to the game of baseball!