Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Letter of Complaint

Dear Behr Paint Company,

I love your color selection.  I love the easy clean up of my tools after painting.  I like that the paint smell isn't too strong.  I love that my walls are easy to wipe clean when little hands make them dirty.  But...why do your green paints require three to four coats even when using a paint with primer built in?  It's not like I was painting over a dark or bright color.  The wall was white-ish.  If I decide to paint green again I may have to get my paint from another company.


A marginally satisfied customer.

Behr Paint

This is a sneak of Meg's room.  I'm am not very happy that I spent more money buying the paint with built in primer only to have to do 3 coats.  What's up with that?

By the way I LOVED the Frog tape.  As long as you seal it (make sure it's stuck to the wall securely) before painting you get a crisp, clean line.  I will for sure be using it on Mattey's striped walls.

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