Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lunch at PG

We had about an hour to kill today while we waited for my dad to be done with his appointment.  So I had the brilliant idea to have an early lunch with Mickey.  The kids and I packed lunches before we left the house.  I thought we could picnic outside but the humidity was rather high, 95%.  Instead we lunched in the break room at PG.  (Since we were early for lunch we had the enormous room to ourselves.) Kade and I are the only ones that have ever had lunch with Mickey there, so the girls were interested in all the hype Kade gave it.

After we ate our lunches the kids had to try out the games that are provided for stress relief.  Foosball was a hit.


(Mickey can't wait to get the new iPhone.  He said it takes much better pictures.)

They all had to try out the dart board too.  Good thing they are plastic tips and not metal because the kids were a little crazy throwing the darts.

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