Tuesday, July 19, 2011

She Really Can Do It

For the past year we have been constantly bugging, bribing, threatening Mattey to clean her room.  She says she will but just goes in and plays or reads for hours.  She won't even clean to get her allowance.  She's only gotten it once since we started back in May.  I have taken all the toys from her room (because she can't pick them up) so you'd think there wouldn't be anything to make a mess with, right?  That's what I thought.  She leaves her clothes, clean and dirty, lying around.  She sneaks up crafting supplies, which have been banned from her room, and creates...I would love to say art but all I see is a mess.  There are also piles of books and towels laying on the floor too.  I'm sure you have a good mental picture by now, which is good because I didn't take a before picture.

Before starting work on Meg's room I had the thought of switching the girls rooms.  Meg has shown us she can take care of her things and keep her room on the tidy side.  Mickey and I talked to Mattey about this last night.  She was not happy about changing rooms, and that's putting it nicely.  We gave her the ultimate ultimatum.  In order to keep her room she would need to have her room cleaned by the time Mickey got home from work.  She would get no help or reminders from me.  It was totally up to her.  She is ten, she should be able to clean her room on her own.  (Kade can do it all by himself, and has for a while.  I know two different kids.)  I would love to say I knew she would do it (I know she can do it but that's different than would) but then I know she gets glued to the idiot box tv when it's on.

She can clean

She proved me wrong.  And I'm happy she did.  Since she got her room clean Mickey could install her ceiling fan and light.  I suppose I'll have to paint her room soon as a reward.  She wants stripes.  I'm hoping if we can make her room cute and girlie that maybe she'll take some pride in keeping it nice.  We'll see.

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