Monday, July 11, 2011

Soft Water

The water softener that came with our house is as old as our house, almost two decades.  And that is about their life expectancy.  In fact it wasn't working very well months ago so we stopped using it all together.

After having soft water for years we really missed it.  Mickey did some research to figure out what we needed and then shopped around for a good product and company that installs.

The new softener got delivered and installed today.  We also said fair well to the old one.  (We won't miss it at all.) In the middle of the installation a wicked storm blew through and we lost power.  Big surprise.  They finished the installation and before leaving said when the power was back on to give them a call and they'd come make sure it worked correctly.

The power was out for a while.  We were all getting on each others nerves so we left to get lunch and run some errands.  Mickey was working from home today so he didn't get much done.  We were gone for a few hours and were relieved when we came home to electricity.  Yay!  Mickey called the guy and he was over within a half an hour.

I decided that this should be the potd.

Water Softener

I know, so interesting.  While I was editing the picture I noticed the little dark spot in the bottom left corner.  I went back downstairs for a closer look.  Yes, it's a puddle.  And, yes, the seal on the tank is leaking.  And if that wasn't enough, our dehumidifier stopped working.  At least it's a small leak and hopefully we can get the guy to come back tomorrow morning to fix it.

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