Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two Things Finished

Remember the list I posted about a few days ago?  Well, I can happily say I crossed two things off today.

I finished the nursing cover for my sister-in-law.  (I'll bring it by soon, LeighAnne.)  And I finally finished Kade's curtains.  This project has been in the works for a while.  I made the curtains.  Hung the curtains.  Made a "pennant" valance.  (here's the before)  Decided the curtains weren't wide enough.  Tore the curtains apart.  Thought the "pennants" looked like they belonged in a used car lot.  Made a different valance.  Added a strip of fabric to each side of the curtains.  Then they hung there for a while because I didn't want to hem them.

Hemming.  I just don't like doing it, whether it's a skirt, curtains, or pants.  I would much rather pick out a thousand stitches than hem something.  Why do I think it's so hard?  I don't know.  I can usually get it done in no time when I make myself do it.  So I made myself do it today.  Here are the curtains.

Kade's curtains

Here's the valance.

Pennant Valance

We ordered a set of official MLB mini pennants.  They really add to Kade's baseball room.  Most of them are on the valance but there a few hanging on his door and wall.

What is something you don't like doing even though you know you can?

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