Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Earning Their Keep

After Mickey got home from work most of us (including Mickey) got busy working in the yard so we could go to the pool later.  Meg did some weeding and weed eating.  Mat (supposedly) picked up sticks.  Kade was going to help me weed but decided to sit in the shade and blow bubbles while I got dirty pulling weeds.

When I came in to find all the kids in front of the tv I announced that they were making dinner tonight.  After a few exclamations of "What!?" they got to work.
Grilling Dogs
Meg grilled hot dogs.  Mat made pasta.  
Making Pasta
Kade opened a few cans and set the table.  There was a lot of instructions from Mickey and me but it turned out pretty well.  I think this might have to be a weekly thing...not that I want to eat hot dogs every week.  

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