Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Brave

I feel like yesterday's post wasn't enough about the kids swimming so we're doing more today.  At the pool this afternoon the reds were even more brave in the water.  It's amazing what having the right gear and more time spent in the water will do to kids who didn't want to swim.

The brave thing the reds did today was go down the slide by themselves.  I did catch them for a while but then they realized they didn't need me, Mattey especially because she could land on her toes.  At first Kade would hold on to the sides of the slide so he'd go slow.  He would get his breath at the top, with his cheeks all puffed out, but he'd end up taking another towards the bottom of the slide.  He did finally go down "fast" but his cheeks were still puffed out with his air.
Later both Mattey and Kade got even braver and snorkeled without their vests.  They have really come a long way in the last two days.

To not leave Meg out, here she is with her bug eyes.
Bug Eyed

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Mickey said...

I can't wait to come and see these amazing feats!