Monday, August 1, 2011

Good Investment

Welcome to the new blog.  Mickey has put in a lot of time transferring everything.  He talked me through "decorating" the blog.  Love the colors.  (They're the same as our bedroom.)  Just so you know, if you want to leave a comment you just do it the same way you would with any other Blogger site.  This will be much easier for most of you.

Last week, while at Target, we gave in and bought the kids snorkel gear (Meg just wanted new goggles) and the reds got new, thin swimming vests.  They all practiced with their gear in the bathtubs for a few days.  Today we went to the pool.  The money we spent was so worth it.  Look at this!!
Mattey never goes under water but here she is snorkeling!  Kade was too.  He swam the width of the pool several times, staying in the 3' section.

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Amanda and Chris said...

I love the new blog! It's so cute! These pictures are so bright and colorful! Love it!