Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Night Before School

All week we've been slowly getting supplies put together for the kids to take to school.  They decided to dump out their bags and make sure everything was in there that they needed.
Night Before School
Tonight we went to the girls' school for an open house (where I forgot to take a picture).  This was good because Mattey has been rather apprehensive about going to the intermediate school.  She got to meet her teacher, practice opening her locker lock, and just look around.  Then we had to take a tour of all of Meg's teachers.  That was a lot of walking and waiting.  I'm so glad that this school has an open house.  

Monday night we thought we were going to a meet and greet at Kade's school.  He was really looking forward to meeting his teacher.  (I was too because I don't know any of the 1st grade teachers.)  We got there and found out no teachers were in the building.  It was a "Classroom Find" night.  What?  (The misunderstanding was partly my fault because I didn't read the entire newsletter.)  We were told to look for Kade's name on a list of students and it would say what teacher he has and what room she's in.  We, especially Kade, were not happy to find out that that's all we got to do.  His room is right next door to his Kindergarten class.  Big deal.  The principal was quick to inform us that there was an open house scheduled for Sept. 6th so we could meet the teacher.  Really?  That's almost 2 weeks after school's started.  Why can't they have an open house like a lot of the other schools in the school corp?  Mickey and I thought this was so -I almost never use this word but it so applies here- S.T.U.P.I.D.  It was a total waste of time.  We were in the school for less than 5 minutes.  (Insert frustrated scream here.)

Make sure you check back Sunday.  I'll be announcing a give away.  Sounds like fun, huh?

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janel said...

Is is becoming more obvious to me that not all school administrations are created equal. The school we take our kids to (with the Spanish program) is frustratingly less organized than our neighborhood school. It's so hard when the kids get disappointed, too. And Mattey in junior high? I remember when she was a sunbeam. WOW!