Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Smoky Mountain National Park

While on vacation, I hate to admit it, we rarely go to church.  This time we made an exception.  Mickey thought it would be nice to visit the ward in Sevierville.  I will be nice and just say it was different and....interesting, yes, I think that's a good word.

Afterwards we headed to the Smoky Mountain National Park.  I don't think there are many better ways to spend a Sabbath than by admiring God's creations.

The park was gorgeous.  I loved the green.  It was everywhere.  There was a lovely creek that flows along one of the main roads.  I don't know the name of it (Dad, help me out here.) but here's what it looks like at one of the pull off sites.
Creek in SMNP
Beautiful, right?  At a different location we got out to play in and explore the creek.  Everyone but me got wetter than they planned.  That's so typical.  I did pose for a picture there.  (It's one of two taken of me that day.  That's quite amazing.)
Kelly @ creek
After playing in the water we drove up to Cades Cove.  This is a place where wild life are supposed to be prevalent. 
Cades Cove
We did see several deer and some black bears.  At one point on the scenic loop there were three little bear cubs.  Surprisingly we never saw a mama bear.  They stopped traffic for a while.  I wish I would have gotten out of the van like all the other people and got a picture.  You'll just have to imagine it.  The bears finally ran off, it was dinner time after all, and the cars in front of us started moving.  Then we came to a pull off and just had to get out.  I think the Rockies are beautiful but the Smokies are beautiful in a different way.  They seem to have more life with all the trees.
The Smokies @ Cades Cove I The Smokies @ Cades Cove II
A woman was nice enough to take our family picture.  Too bad we didn't coordinate our outfits a little better.  It could have been our Christmas card picture.
Family at Smoky Mnt. Nat. Park
We eventually left the park.  But before we did Kade had to water a tree for the second time.  I got a shot of this from behind.  When he saw the picture he said, "Delete that right now!"  I didn't but to be nice I won't post it.  

I have something better.  A sunset over the Smokies.
Sunset @ the Smokies

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janel said...

I'm sure Mickey can work his photoshopping magic and switch your outfits up for the Cmas Card!