Friday, August 26, 2011

The Understanding of a Six Year Old

This morning I went for a bike ride.  It was lovely outside.  I came back home and stretched for a while.  Then I was hungry.  I went to the fridge for a yogurt.  You know what I saw there?  A forgotten lunch.
The Forgotten Lunch
Here it is the second day of school and a lunch has already been forgotten.  I immediately called Kade's school to find out when the 1st graders eat lunch.  I was told 11:00.  It was 11:10.  The secretary assured me that Kade would not go hungry.  He would be given something to eat.  I said I was only 5 minutes away and could bring his lunch.  She gave me the number to the cafeteria so I could ask if he'd been through the line yet.  I called.  No one answered.  I decided it was too late and he'd be alright.

When I picked Kade up this afternoon I asked him about lunch.  He said he forgot his lunch box and that he had a chicken patty.  I thought he would have been given a pb&j.  Huh?  I asked him if the lunch lady gave it to him.  He replied no, that he bought his lunch.  I then asked him how he bought his lunch since he didn't have any money.  He responded, "Oh, I just put in my number and I bought lunch."  I told him there was no money in his account so he shouldn't have gotten a lunch.  "Well, when I put my number in it makes money."  Wouldn't that be nice?

I tried to explain to him that we will pay for the lunch next week.  I don't want him to think he can get everything for free.  Although around here he seems to get whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  Maybe we need to work on that.

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