Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Many years ago when Mickey and I had traveled to Florida we saw a weird building.  It was upside down and had the name Ripley on it.  We didn't stop to check it out.  Pigeon Forge had the same, or at least similar, building.
At the front desk of the condo place we found a flier with the building on it.  After reading the flier we knew we had to go to the strange building.  It was called WONDERWORKS.

This was the most fun hands on place we have ever been to.  (We still hadn't realized the wrong setting on the camera so we still have bad quality pictures.  I won't bore you with most of them.)  Once inside the building we entered through a tunnel that made you feel like you were turning upside down before entering the exhibits.  It was really weird.

Some of the exhibits we enjoyed were the rope challenge course (it was suspended 2-4 floors above the ground), experiencing hurricane force winds, pitching to MLB players, the Space Zone, the gallery of optical illusions, laying on a bed of nails,
Bed of Nails
making enormous bubble,
Making Bubbles
and playing mind ball.  You actually move the ball with your mind.  The kids beat the parents at that.  It was all about who could be the most calm.  I don't know how Mattey and Kade both won.  They are rarely calm.

We really enjoyed WONDERWORKS and highly recommend it if you are anywhere near one.

In the afternoon we packed a cooler full of food and went back to the park.  
We hiked up to Laurel Falls.  It wasn't as exciting as we thought it would be but what can you do?
Laural Falls
After the hike we went back to the spot where we played in the creek on Sunday.  We picnicked there and splashed around some more.  This time we went prepared to get wet and the water was freezing.  

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