Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Sick

Yesterday Kade told me his throat hurt.  He still went to school.  On the way home from school he was talking about not wanting to miss any days of school.  Fast forward to this morning.  I had to wake Kade up which is unusual.  He's usually greeting me as I open his door.  This should have been my first clue.  He was then slow to get moving.  He came downstairs dressed but complaining of a sore throat.  He was warm but didn't have a fever.  He asked to stay home.  He didn't look right so I said okay.  I was nice and let him lay on the couch to watch some Backyardigans episodes.  He hasn't watched that in a looong time.
Home Sick
Later I asked him if we could go to a store or two.  After a little arm twisting and a promise to visit the library we left.  You know, I have really missed my shopping buddy.  I haven't had much fun at Hobby Lobby by myself.  I have to save all my excited chatter for Mickey to get home from work.  While at HL Kade even came up with a craft he wanted to do, under my supervision of course.  We ended our trip with a stop at DQ for 1/2 priced shakes.  After all he did have a sore throat.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Star Gazing

This week and last Mat's class has been observing the night sky as part of their science unit.  The students are to go out around the same time every night to see what they can see.
Star Gazing 
This week has been a lot of cloudy nights but last week we saw a lot of stars.  Mickey found a great website with an interactive sky map and a currently over your head map.  It's helped us figure out what star is what.  I've kind of gotten into all the star gazing since I'm the one that's been helping her most.  Mickey mentioned something about knowing what to get me for Christmas, a telescope.  That would be pretty cool.  I'd have to find a better star gazing spot though.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Serving the Community

I'm better today, not great but better, if anyone was wondering.

I had the opportunity to serve the community last week, today, and next week.  A woman at church signed up our ward/congregation to do a weekly route for Meals on Wheels.  When you sign up you're in for a 3 week stint.  The first week I was trained by the previous person (her kid was sick so I got the afore mentioned woman), this week I go it alone, and next week I train somebody new.  I was a little worried about going by myself.  I didn't want to get lost and take forever, so I took my dad with me.  He has a GPS in his head after he studies a map.  Pretty cool.
Meals on Wheels
I put the sign in the van window and off we went.  We delivered 18 meals, in the on and off again rain, in about an hour and a half.  Not bad.  Hopefully we left those 18 people a little happier.

Last week when I met the woman at the kitchen to pick up the food I couldn't get over how many elderly people participate in this program as deliverers not recipients.  It's amazing.  If I didn't already have a few commitments I would consider having a weekly route of my own.  It's a good way to serve/give back to the community.  What are some ways you serve/give back?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In the Dark

This is the way I wanted my world to be today.  I'm sure lots of people feel this way when they're suffering from a migraine.

I went to bed with it last night and woke up feeling even worse.  I got the kids off to school and went right back to bed.  Luckily our velvet curtains keep out a lot of light.  I had to cancel my lunch plans and was glad I didn't have anything else to do today except pick up the kids.  Somehow I managed that and found my way back to my bed.

Mickey came home and life went on like normal.  They all went to a baptism after getting homework done.

I didn't get a picture of anything today so I thought this was appropriate.
In the Dark
So glad everyday isn't like this.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Remains of Summer

I guess it's officially Autumn.  The weather has sure been behaving like it's Fall, in the 50s and 60s and lots of rain (although lots of rain makes me think of Spring and not Fall, but it's not snow so I'll take it).  The leaves on some trees are already starting to change colors.  I'm not ready for winter yet.  Slow down, Mother Nature, and let us enjoy a little Indian Summer.  Please.

As I wandered around outside today I saw something that has survived all the rain and some of the 30 degree temps we've had at night.  (It also survived my taming of the jungle.)
Remains of Summer
Maybe Summer isn't ready to give up just yet.  That's probably wishful thinking.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Lesson on Using the Microwave

One of the many lessons you need to learn to become an independent person is how to use the microwave.  This is not something I learned to use until I was an older child, seeing as they weren't invented yet (no comments about my age) and they were probably expensive when first available.  I do use the microwave several times a day now.  I have on occasion given the kids little lessons on how to reheat certain foods.  It seems that Kade is behind in his lessons, until today.-

This afternoon we were having quiet time like we always do after church and a snack.  Mickey was going to be gone all day at a meeting in Indy so I really needed some rest to get through the rest of the day.  When the hour was up the kids got out of their rooms and decided to watch a show/movie.  This is totally allowed.  I could hear what they were up to while I laid in bed reading.  I could hear them getting into the refrigerator and using the microwave.  No worries.  Then it happens.

I hear Kade yelling like he's scared.  Meg starts yelling at Kade.  Then they're screaming for me.  I put my book down and get out of bed.  By this time I hear the popping.  It's not like popcorn, it's more powerful.  I'm running down the stairs telling them to stop the microwave.  Meg finally does but she's still yelling at Kade.  Kade is crying, almost hysterically.  I tell Kade it's alright but he's still crying.  I try to calm Meg.  She's still worked up but I finally get her to stop yelling.  The event really freaked her out.  I explain to her that Kade is only 6 and doesn't know any better.  I also remind her that I'm the mom and she doesn't need to be yelling at Kade.  I'll handle it.  I turn back to Kade.  It takes a few minutes to calm him down.  He was pretty shaken too.  (By this point I'm surprised at how calm I've remained through the ordeal.  Good for me.)  After he calmed down we had a little talk about not putting metal in the microwave.  He told me he didn't put metal in the microwave it was a CapriSun.  He was trying to thaw a frozen one to get it out of the pouch to put in a bowl so he could chop it up and eat it.
Microwave Leson 
I pointed out to him that the pouch was shiny like foil, both have some metal in them.  I also told him a better way to thaw a CapriSun using a bowl of hot water.

The photo is a reenactment.  I was not with it enough to take a picture.  I was thinking of only getting Kade calmed down.  I'm thinking he'll never put anything shiny in the microwave again.  Lesson learned, the hard way.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Party

This evening we had Meg's family party.  (We're finally done with birthdays for a while.  Yippee!) Most of the family came.  We ate, talked, played, and ate some cake.  One of Meg's presents was a little big and quite a surprise.  It was Justin Bieber.  Not in the flesh but in cardboard.
Hangin' with JB
We have a little Bieber Fever going on in our house.  Meg likes him.  Kade is always singing his songs while listening to his iPod.  

The rest of the gifts for the birthday girl were cards.  Always a good gift.  After Meg opened her card from Nana & Papa my mom said the money was to go towards her golf cart fund.  Yes, you read that right.  The kid wants a golf cart.  Is that a normal teen birthday wish?  Her other wish was a dog.  Don't think that's coming true anytime soon either.  

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cheesy Bread

This has become our new favorite side with pizza.
Cheesy Bread
I was inspired one day to make cheesy bread after reading this post. I was craving some cheesy bread when I finished reading and had to try it.  I didn't grill it, nor have I ever grilled a pizza (maybe some day), it was boringly baked in the oven.  I made the dough in my bread maker, since I'm a failure at getting yeast rise.  I used my own recipe but it's very similar to the one on the post.  I made enough dough for two large "loaves".  (Both times I've made it we had company so please don't think we're total pigs.)  The second time I made it (pictured above) I let the dough rise some before baking it.  It was better that way, more bread like.  It's also yummy warmed up in the microwave the next day.  It doesn't sit around long.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Taming the Jungle

All summer I have avoided working outside as much as I could.  I'm not sure why.  This means the weeds grew about "as high as an elephant's eye".  Last week and today I have been claiming back the flowerless flower beds.  I've also shown some bushes who's boss.  (The next time they, the ones on the left, are going to be cut right out of the ground.)  With Mickey's allergies being bad lately the yard has also fallen to me.  Here's some of my work.  I should have gotten a before shot, it was B. A. D.  You'll have to use your imagination.
Tamed Jungle
This is only part.  I have cleaned up right behind the house too.  Well, mostly, to use Mattey's phrase.  Now I need to find someone willing to help me take out some bushes and dig out some baby and not to baby trees so I can have a garden next year.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work Picnic

For years Press, Ganey (the company Mickey works for) would have a family picnic in the summer.  It was usually at a local park.  The meat and drinks were provided but employees would bring dishes to share.  (Very much like our church picnics.)  For some reason, possibly the company got huge making the cost too high, the picnics stopped.  It's been several years since they had one.  Then last month Mickey gets an e-mail saying the picnic was going to be held again.

It was held at the park across the river from the PG campus.  As we walked across the bridge this is what we saw.
PG Picnic
This is nothing like the picnics used to be.  They were giving out cotton candy and snow cones.  The big tents had the food.  Everything was provided.  PG hired a party service and they did a great job.  The food offerings were burgers, chicken, potato salad, chips, sour crout (ewh), and lots of cookies to pick from.  There were bounce houses everywhere and a dj playing music.  This is what we, and by we I mean Mickey and the kids, did.
Rock Climbing Bouncing High Flipping Out Bouncing Higher Pro Climber
(I am so happy to have a "bad back" so I will never have my rear end photographed like this.  Mickey's bum looks just fine though.)

Meg finished up her fun with eating a Smurf.
Blue Mouth

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


On Sunday a guy at church made Kade an origami crane.  He quickly became obsessed with learning origami.  He has been asking to get a book to learn how.  We didn't have time yesterday to go to the library but we did this evening.  We found about seven books and left with three.  We dropped Mat off at her activity and went to Michael's to get some special paper.  He couldn't wait.  Kade looked at the books all the way home wondering which one I thought he should make first.  I told him we'd better find the easier ones and choose one of those.  That sounded good to him.  Until we got home and he's raring to go, flipping through books again, and wanting to make them all.  We finally chose the barking wolf.  It didn't look too hard and wasn't five pages worth of instructions like the fighter plane he wanted to make.  We, or I, had some difficulties.  I am a visual learner and sometimes didn't understand which way the arrows were pointing.  (We probably should have looked for a video like this instead of using a book.)

I decided the best way to show Kade what to do was to make a wolf myself.  So I read the directions and tried my best to follow them.  Kade watched and tried his best to copy me.  (We both need to perfect precise folds.)
In the end we didn't have enough time to finish because we had to pick up Mat.  I worked a little more on them and after peeking at the video I linked above I think I know how to finish what I didn't understand.  Even though we didn't finish Kade still wants to make origami.  He did tell me it was harder than he thought it would be.  I wasn't around when the crane was created but I'm assuming the guy that made the crane whipped it out in no time making it look super easy.  

Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Bowling

Today Mickey's dad, Mike, turns 60!  Happy Birthday, Mike.

He wanted to go bowling so we all went with him.  Mickey and the kids had fun.  Meg somehow beat everyone with Mat coming in second and Mickey just escaped (in the last frame) being in last place.  How did that happen?
Bowling Balls
There was a vibrant array of colors.  I don't remember balls being this colorful back in the olden days when I used to bowl.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


And it's still on the wall.

A while ago I found this and wanted to make something like it for the living or family room.  I searched the internet for a map.  Found one on Amazon.  (I didn't link it because I don't know that I'd recommend it for this project.  It had a protective finish on it and maybe could have been some of the problem?)  The map came quick only to sit in the studio for a few weeks.  I finally got around to buying the canvases (40% off) and the Mod Podge.

I cut the map in pieces to fit the canvases.  I had to trim them all before gluing them.  I guess I should have  gotten an accurate measurement of the canvases before cutting instead of taking the packing at its word.  I glued the map to the canvas.  I checked back later and saw several bubbles in all the maps.  Not good.  I put the canvases upside down on the table with books on top hoping to flatten the bubbles.  Not much help.  I was ready to give up but then decided to finish off the project and see how it looked.  To finish I had to Mod Podge over the top of the map.  This made the existing bubbles get bigger.  I was not happy.  When they were dry I stacked them up facing the wall.  I didn't want to see them.

I talked to Mickey about my failure and came to realize it didn't have to be perfect (or close to it).  The imperfections might give it character.  So we hung them today before the youth and youth leaders came over for a fireside (SED).
The imperfection continued.  The center canvas fell off three times tonight.  I guess we got a bad batch of command strips.

Does anyone have any tricks for using Mod Podge?  This was my first time using it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

ND Game 3

After the last home game Meg said she didn't want to go to another game.  I don't really blame her.  So the question was, who was going with Mickey today?  Me or Kade?  (Mattey told us from the get go that she wasn't ever going to a game.)  Kade announced he was going.  (This was at the beginning of the week and not today.)  I kind of wanted to go.  The weather was going to be lovely and I was hoping ND would come through with a win.  You know "Third times the charm" and all.  Kade wavered over whether he was really going or not.  I told him he had to decide because I needed to know if I had to finish my shirt by today or not.  Well, Kade went.  (Now I can procrastinate even longer since I have three weeks until the next home game.)

I dropped the boys off right on campus and away they went.  They hung out to watch the players walk by.  They each got a couple hugs from our friends.  This impressed a friend of Mickey's who was standing with them.

They grabbed some snacks, found their seats, and waited for the game to begin.  Since I wasn't there, but I did watch the game on tv, I can't tell you everything that happened in our seats.  But you can check out the pictures.
Touchdown Jesus (game 3) ND Stadium (game 3) 
Giant Snowcone (game 3)
ND Tat (game 3)
I can't wait until it's my turn to go.  I want one of those big snow cones.  I'll try not to stain my chin though.  I also hope ND keeps up the better play and continues to win.  Go Irish!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Teen Party

Meg wanted to have some friends over to celebrate her birthday.  (I should be totally embarrassed about the invitations she handed out but it seems my card making days are few and very far in between.  One mom told us of the invitation.  It consisted of some info scribbled on a torn piece of paper.  I think we should have at least passed out a map.  Mickey had to talk two different parents to our house.  One called three times.) Only a few friends could make it but a low turnout doesn't mean you can't have fun.

When the guests arrived they chowed down on pizza (the ultimate teen food) and then the 360 got turned on for some fun (and to burn some calories).  They played Dance Central and Fruit Ninja.  Meg opened her gifts and then they went out to play.  I had to call them in for dessert which was a big cookie from Martin's.
Party People
I think they all had fun.  I know Meg did.  

They were all rather loud.  When the last kid left I thought I had finally gone deaf.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We've Got Ourselves a TEEN!

The time has gone too fast (and sometimes not fast enough) and Meg has turned 13.  I was trying to remember the time when she looked like this.
Newborn Megan
Newborn Meg
Two Month Old Megan
Two Month Old Meg
I honestly couldn't remember too much.  She didn't grow as fast as Kade but it has been 13 years and my brain has gone through three pregnancies.  Need I say more?

We started her big day with homemade donuts.  I picked up a Babycakes Donut Maker for her.
Birthday Donuts
She thought they were good but I didn't.  While at the store later I picked up some Jiffy muffin mixes.  We'll try those with a glaze.

The birthday girl went to school.  In 7th grade you don't bring in treats for the class since you have about 6 different ones.  Mickey picked her up from school, which she was happy about.  Then she opened her presents.  Nothing too exciting, since she has everything she wants, within reason that is.  She got some fun books and a DS game.  Then Meg and I visited the library.  I guess she didn't get enough books.  Then we had tacos for dinner, her request.  Then we ate the yummy cake.
Brownie Cake
Don't you want a piece?  It was so good.  I just played around and put stuff together.  The "cake" is a brownie.  I frosted it with Duncan Hynes Dark Chocolate Fudge frosting.  We love that stuff.  Then topped with cherry pie filling.

I didn't get any good picture of her so I'll do a photo shoot with her and post one.

Wish us luck as we embark on the teenage journey.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Accent Color

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday.  The gift cards from my birthday were burning a hole in my pocket, so to speak.  I had a few things in mind that I "needed" for bare spots in the house.

Last week I had gone to Kohl's to get part of Mickey's birthday present.  I found some candles I couldn't live without.  Let me rephrase that.  I could live without the candles, it was more the color of the candles that I "needed" to add to the family room.  I have been on the hunt for some deep pumpkin/reddish-orange items to add a pop to the blue and green I've got going on in the family room.  The only thing I have is the flower ball on the mantle....
Flower Ball
...which I love.  The flowers needed some assistance in achieving the pop I want.  So the candles were perfect.  Besides being the right color they also have a lovely fragrance that reminds me of pumpkin pie.  Thankfully the smell doesn't make me hungry.

So I've had these candles sitting out for a few days.  (Kade saw them and called them smoke bombs.  Not really the reaction I was going for.)  They needed a little something to help them stand out.  I found that something.
Accent Color
These candle stands really give them some importance.  Don't you think?  The best part is they were 50% off!  I'm still on the hunt for more of this lovely color but I'm having a hard time finding it.  Every time I think I see a fabric/pillow/rug/wall art with blue, green, brown, and this orange it turns out to be red and that is not what I want.

Stay tuned for more of the items I picked up yesterday.  I plan on getting some projects done in the next few days.  In fact I started one today but I don't know if it's going to turn out.  The paper has bubbled up from the glue.  Not sure what I'm going to do about that.  Live and learn, right?  Or should I say craft and learn?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Applesauce & a Braid

Meg, the Young Women, and their leaders made applesauce at church tonight.  They boiled apples and put them through some kind of strainer devise that separated the good stuff from the waste.  (Mickey was rather intrigued by it.  I was waiting for him to tell me he was going to buy one so I could make him applesauce.  He didn't but I probably will still make applesauce.)

The jar of sauce was still warm when Meg brought it home.
She couldn't wait to eat it.  Mickey said he'd have to doctor it up before he ate it.  He said they didn't put any sugar or cinnamon in it.  Poor baby.

Something else that Meg came home with tonight was a braid in her hair.  I couldn't believe it!  I've been after her for months to let me do something with her hair.  She has always vehemently refused and then run away.  Somehow she got talked into letting one of her leaders play with her hair.  The braid was no ordinary braid.  It started on the side of her head and went up and over along her hairline, kind of like a headband.  She liked the braid so much that when she showered later she washed her hair around it.  I guess I'll have to get some braiding lessons from Sister L.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Male Bonding on a Sick Day

For the last four weeks Mickey has been sick with allergies.  He didn't sleep well on Saturday and decided he would not set his alarm for this morning.  He wanted to sleep as long as he could.  (It wasn't too long since my alarm's set for 6:30.)  He did sleep in, waking every so often.  He was still feeling pretty crappy when he got up.  I suggested he call the doctor's office to see if he could get in.  He got an appointment.  He was quickly diagnosed with a sinus infection.  He picked up his Rx and came home.  He set up camp in front of the tv so he could play some video games.  I suppose that's relaxing.

Later when Kade came home he wanted to play too.
Video Gaming
The picture does not do the bonding time justice.  I should have taken some video.  They played for about an hour.  Then they got some reading in for Kade's homework.  And if that wasn't enough bonding they went and got haircuts too.  Then they had to play some more games.  (The picture is post haircut.)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Girlie Purses

A friend of mine really likes the Vera Bradley bags.  She gets a new one (or a few) every year.  She was going through her older ones, thinning them out, and decided to send a few our way.  Not for me, for the girls.  I did snag one for myself though.
Girlie Purses
I would have liked to get a picture of the girls actually wearing them but that didn't happen.

The girls both carry these to church.  I believe that's the only place they really take them so far.  Although Meg did take hers with her when she baby-sat.  I can't wait until they start carrying them more often.  That should be less for me to carry.  Maybe someday I'll go purse free and they can carry my important things.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Kicker

Kade had his first soccer game this morning.  He is so happy to be on the same team as his friend Noah.  Their team didn't score many goals today but they did have fun.  To me that's all that really matters.

We were sitting on the side lines with the Stones cheering on the team.  It was Kade's turn for a goal kick.  He really gave it all he had.
Kicking with All He's Got
I was rather impressed with the effort that went into this kick.  I had to look at the picture again.  Look at that leg extension.  Kade sometimes talks of playing football but I usually try to steer him in the direction of something like baseball or tennis.  Maybe sticking with soccer would be a good idea.  Then maybe he could become a kicker for a football team, if he still wants to play.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Making Music

This morning I went back to bed.  It was one of those days.  I had finally fallen asleep.  Of course this would be the perfect time to get a phone call from one of the kids.  It was Mat.  She had forgotten her flute.  I'm such a great mom* I threw on some clothes, washed my face, and grabbed the flute to take it to her.  She has band on A days.  B days, it's P.E.  She is new to this kind of schedule and will probably take another week or so to remember her flute on the right days.
The instruments were actually pulled out and used in band today.  Mat wasn't too thrilled with the "song" they all played together.  (Play a note for 4 counts and stop.  Repeat 4 times.)  This was not music to her ears.  In fact she told me she was ready to quit and really wanted to take art instead.  She was informed that wasn't an option since we already bought the flute.  She wasn't happy but later she settled down and played the lovely "song" for us.  I know band won't be easy or fun to begin with but I'm sure it will get better.  Maybe I need to look into private lessons for her?

*The secretary at the school couldn't believe how many times I've come in bringing something for the girls.  This is only the second time this year but Meg needed a lot of things last year with her foot.  She commented that her mom couldn't or wouldn't bring stuff to school for her.  I will be better at reminding Mat about her flute.  I already go to the school once a week for the library.  I don't need to go much more than that.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today has been crazy busy for me and on top of that it's Mickey's birthday.  It didn't really sneak up on me but what I had been planning to do for him I put off until sometime next year.  (I need to do some more research.)  So that left me yesterday with no plans.  Mickey was nice and suggested a few items he'd like.

For the cake I was thinking of just getting a big cookie from Martin's but I couldn't do it.  So I made a cake right after the kids left.  While it baked I got ready to leave.  Then the craziness began:  two stores, drop off groceries, an hour at the school library, lunch with the birthday boy, another store, a few minutes at home then off to pick up the kids, make a quick banner, get dinner started, wrap presents, and then Mickey came home.  Told you, crazy.

Mickey's day was full of edible goodness.  His boss brought in doughnuts to celebrate.  He got stuffed at lunch (Ho Ping House).  He was just getting hungry again right before dinner (beef stew).  He only had room for a sliver of chocolate cake.  Too bad because it was good.

Our parents came by this evening and Mickey opened his presents.  My last errand was to get the one thing he's talked about wanting for several months.  A Notre Dame shirt.  Not just any shirt, though.  It's ClimaLite.  (I can hardly stand to touch the fabric.)
Mickey's Birthday
Happy Birthday, Babe.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Less Clutter

I have not been able to see the top of my dresser, or Mickey's either, for a while.  It has bothered me enough that I had to clean it.  Not only did I find the top of the dressers but I also found a not so thin layer of dust.  No wonder Mickey's allergies have been so bad.  I took care of the dust with lemon scented Pledge and a microfiber cloth.  Now I have a nice clean surface.
Clean Dresser
Much better.

Can you tell not much is going on around here?  There is plenty of homework though.  Maybe that will be another post.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Remember this post where I complained about the "Classroom Find" Kade's school had?  And there was a promise of meeting the teacher almost two weeks into school?  Tonight was that night.  After school Kade told me that we had to be in the gym at 6:30.  We would be there for a little bit and then meet the teacher for 10 minutes.  I got the first part but didn't really understand what he meant by "meet the teacher for 10 minutes".  That's a long time for the teacher to spend with one family but whatever.

We got there before 6:30.  We weren't the only ones early.  We walked to the gym.  Found that chairs and risers were set out for families to sit on.  All the teachers were on display, standing at the front of the room.  There was a projector pointed at a screen showing us helpful things.  At 6:30 the principal welcomed us and started her spiel.  She introduced the teachers and told us a few things about the school year.  Honestly, it wasn't anything new.  The teachers were released to their classrooms.  A few minutes later we were dismissed to find our child(ren)'s teacher.

We knew exactly where we had to go since we had the very informative "Classroom Find".  And maybe it was because Kade had already been going to the right classroom for 8 days?  Maybe not.  We were the first family to get to the room.  Kade's teacher, who is very lovely by the way, greeted us and we all introduced ourselves.  (Mrs. J. and I already met on the first day of school.)  We were shown where we needed to sign in and sign up for activities for the year.  As we did this more families came in occupying the teacher's attention.  Kade proudly showed us his desk.
The Desk
Having a desk is a big step up from Kindergarten where he had to share a table with up to 3 other students.

Soon after the teacher began her presentation of how the school year would go.  What she would teach.  How the homework folder worked.  Etc.  Then the principal started talking over the loud speaker and told the teachers to wrap up their presentations because they needed to switch groups in 3 minutes.  What?  She just started.  About 1-1/2 minutes later the principal dismissed the groups.  What happened to 3 minutes?

My organizing and type A brain understands what the principal was trying to do but, as a parent, I just have to say it didn't work.  Isn't orientation something you do before you start something important?  Like starting school.  I'm so glad that I had a few minutes on the first day of school to talk about Kade to Mrs. J.  I would have liked a few more minutes but you don't always get what you want.  That's why I signed up to be room mom and hopefully I can go in every week to help in the classroom.  I'm sure the school year will be fine.  Like I said, we really like the teacher.  She's got a lot of energy and seems to like what she's doing.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

For Mother's Day Mickey told his mom he would set up a family photo shoot with a friend of ours.  It finally happened today.  Everyone was home.  The weather couldn't have been better.

We all met up at the Japanese Garden I took the kids to for their photo shoot.

This was my shot of behind the scenes.
Family Photo Shoot
We all behaved so we stopped at Bonnie Doon's for some ice cream.  Yum.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Church Art Work

Our church pew is full of family members.  Both sets of parents sit with us.  It's nice to have 5 adults against the 3 kids, especially since Mickey's not sitting with me.  The children should be old enough to behave themselves but they have their moments.  To help keep the kids quiet during church the grandmothers have been providing them with paper, writing instruments, and other quiet items.

Kade sat by me today.  Nana gave him a little notebook and some colored pens.  He got right to work making me a picture.  Knowing him it had to be a pattern.  If you look closely you can see he alternated the glitter ink and the non-glitter ink.
Church Art Work

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unforgettable Game Day Experience

Today was the Notre Dame home opener.  Kelly was planning on attending this game with me, but a headache and lots of bright sunshine really don't mix, so Megan was given the first option to come since her birthday is coming soon.  She quickly accepted not knowing what she was in for.

Our Hawaiian friends invited us to ride with them, since one of the perks they enjoy is a very close parking spot.  We started our day around 10:15am.  Megan and I helped make some Leis that would later be handed out to some of the players during the pregame walk.  We then hung around chatting and meeting lots of happy tailgaters.

A little before 1, we found our ideal spot to watch the pregame walk.  It was under a little tree that provided us with a little shade from the sun that was starting to heat up.  The team was running behind schedule so we ended up waiting for a while before the players came by.  There was lots of cheering, handshaking, and some mad scrambling to make sure all the right players got their Leis.

It was then over to the stadium for some much needed nourishment.  Megan had a footlong hot dog, which proved to be a little too much for her, and I had the pulled pork sandwich.  A quick walk through the air conditioned Joyce Center provided some relief in more ways than one.

Entering the stadium, we luckily found our friends and made plans for meeting up after the game, since our seats were a couple of sections over from theirs.  We walked through the concourse and finally found the entrance to our section.  We stepped through the entrance and the view already looked pretty good.  It was then that we realized that our designated seats were still about 20 rows down the stairs (i.e. closer to the field.)  At this point the sun was about as hot as it could possibly be and Megan was starting to feel it.  There was also some really loud pregame music that wasn't helping with her headache.  We left our seats to retrieve some ibuprofen from the first aid station.  We made it back to our seats, just in time for the opening kickoff.

ND Game 1

The Irish started out on fire but quickly fizzled.  We had a few moments of clouds that provided relief from the glaring sun and a few teases of rain drops, but otherwise it was brutally hot.  A little before halftime the announcer said they were tracking some sever weather heading this way.  The first suspension of the game happened soon after.  We found our friends and spent the next 2 hours sitting in the concourse waiting for the lightning to stop.

The suspension was lifted and since there were some empty seats by our friends, we moved over to watch the rest of the game with them.  The Irish tried to make a comeback but there was just too many mistakes.  With a little over 4 minutes left in the game, the announcer said they were tracking another storm.  This was met by lots of booing.  The temperature quickly dropped, the wind picked up, and we were back sitting in the concourse waiting out the second storm.

Forty minutes later we were back to watch the Irish make yet another mistake that pretty much sealed the deal.  The game ended soon after with ND on the short end of the score.  We waited around for the players to come out of the locker room, which was another cool thing to observe although I'm sure it would have been much cooler had they won.

Although she asked to come home multiple times (a request I couldn't honor because we didn't drive ourselves), I think Megan enjoyed the time we spent together.  I know I did and it will certainly be something we won't soon forget.

Friday, September 2, 2011


This morning Mickey took an early lunch and we went to the ND bookstore--which was really dumb to do the day before the first home game--to pick up THE SHIRT.
Mickey thought everyone should support the team so we bought 5.  I thought it would make a cool family picture but a certain M refuses to wear it.  Darn her.  The other two were thrilled to have an ND shirt and can't wait for their turn to go to a game.  Tomorrow's my turn but it's supposed to be hot and stormy.  I'm thinking I'll let someone else go in my place.

In other news, Kade had his first soccer practice today.  It was very hot today and Mickey said he was drenched in sweat before they came home.  I'm sure his cheeks were redder than his hair.

All the kids are looking forward to a three day weekend.  They just started school.  Why are they ready for a day off?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the Winners Are....

I feel like the drawing was fixed since family members one but then I realized that 3 of the 5 contestants were family.  The drawing was done by Kade and witnessed by Mickey, if anyone has a problem with it take it up with the witness.  Karren Fam. I'll put yours in the mail tomorrow.  Amanda...I guess I'll see you Sunday?

Sorry it took so long to post but we had company for dinner tonight.  (I had to make a lot of food.)  They flew all the way from Hawaii just to eat with us.  Wish I could go back with them.

Happy September.