Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Party

This evening we had Meg's family party.  (We're finally done with birthdays for a while.  Yippee!) Most of the family came.  We ate, talked, played, and ate some cake.  One of Meg's presents was a little big and quite a surprise.  It was Justin Bieber.  Not in the flesh but in cardboard.
Hangin' with JB
We have a little Bieber Fever going on in our house.  Meg likes him.  Kade is always singing his songs while listening to his iPod.  

The rest of the gifts for the birthday girl were cards.  Always a good gift.  After Meg opened her card from Nana & Papa my mom said the money was to go towards her golf cart fund.  Yes, you read that right.  The kid wants a golf cart.  Is that a normal teen birthday wish?  Her other wish was a dog.  Don't think that's coming true anytime soon either.  

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